Cosmic Collision

I do not remember much from my life inside the sun, except, I lived in a perpetual state of burning. A handsome burning, the kind of burn that makes you fall in love with fire, smoke and ashes. A kind of burning that warms the coldest parts of your soul. My eyes are a window … Continue reading Cosmic Collision


The Savages Chapter 1

Chiedza You know what? Life is a series of bad jokes. Well, at least mine is. Let me explain. I met Dude X* three years ago at a mutual friend’s birthday dinner. And by meet, I mean, he was introduced to me and I just shrugged because he looked like the poster child for fuck … Continue reading The Savages Chapter 1

The Savages Chapter 3

Read From Chapter 1 here I Played Myself I think it’s cute that people think that they don’t have types, or as I would like to call them, ‘Target Markets’. We naturally gravitate towards people who exhibit similar traits. Therapists would probably call this an unhealthy pattern, and therein lays the reason I don’t have … Continue reading The Savages Chapter 3

The Savages Chapter 2

You Got Me All The Way Fucked Up! Before I tell the following story, I would just like to put it out there that my savagery is not reserved only for the men I sleep with. It is impartial, thorough and extends to anyone who takes me for some silly little idiot incapable of exercising … Continue reading The Savages Chapter 2

Celestial Incest by Philani Amadeus Nyoni

Petals suspended on a spine. Something bigger than us, than God, is alive, yawning, stretching, screaming in silence… Trying to be heard. See that grey beyond the homely lights, see the moon straining out of a cradle… A womb, light peeping beyond doom? Is that you, is that me, are we together, somewhere-sometime beyond now? … Continue reading Celestial Incest by Philani Amadeus Nyoni

King Avry on his upcoming EP + his musical journey

King Avry, born Ngoni Avry Chilwa is a multifaceted Zimbabwean creative who, according to him, is the next Prince of African R&B. The singer-songwriter, who also dances and produces music, is currently putting final touches on his debut EP titled Love & Lyrics. Mambokadzi District caught up with him recently and had a chat about … Continue reading King Avry on his upcoming EP + his musical journey

Confessions Of The New Girl Chapter 12 [FINALE]

Read from Chapter 1 here Under The Influence After security ‘escorted’ me away from the scene of my crime like a petty thief, they took me to their office, pending further investigation, or instruction. I don’t know. I wasn’t really listening past my trauma. They informed me that I was to attend a hearing, where … Continue reading Confessions Of The New Girl Chapter 12 [FINALE]

Raising Bars with D-Blok

Gone are the days when the rap game was a man’s world. In fact, if the dynamite that female emcees like Zimbabwean rapper D-Blok are anything to go by, we are ushering the age of women with killer bars, a command for the stage and music that just needs to be on your playlist. Ladies, … Continue reading Raising Bars with D-Blok

To My Daughter: Of Expectation, Expecting + Prospect

Heir to the language the hurricanes in my bones speak, the collector of dreams the generations of women in my family inherit as an heirloom, the angel carved from my bones and flesh, you will sit on a throne. This throne is fashioned from bravado and black girl magic. You will sit, wearing a crown … Continue reading To My Daughter: Of Expectation, Expecting + Prospect

Her Tapestry by Refilwe Kerekang

I seem to have forgotten long days and short nights They made me, molded me and accepted me with all my cuts and bruises, strengths and flaws, shines and darkness I am here, still She came back to me to remind me of her That she never left Her bags are still in the lobby, … Continue reading Her Tapestry by Refilwe Kerekang